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     Rail Group Supports Feasibility Study

     (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)--The President of the Iowa Association
of Railroad Passengers, Richard F. Welch, today applauded the
announcement that nine-states, including Iowa, will conduct a
study of rail passenger service in the midwest. The study which
is funded by the states, Amtrak and the Federal Railroad
Administration, will focus on Chicago as the hub for a series of
high speed and conventional railroad routes.  
      Welch, a Cedar Rapids businessman, said, "This announcement
demonstrates that rail passenger service in the United States is
not dead. We believe that the study will demonstrate to the
public that rail passenger service, both high speed and
conventional, has a significant role to play in the nation's
transportation system."
     Welch noted that the $668,000 feasibility study will explore
potential rail corridors throughout the midwest. "Of course, we
are hopeful that the study will look carefully at additional
service between Chicago and Council Bluffs-Omaha on the Union
Pacific east-west main line. We also believe that passenger
service on the north-south  Spine Line' from the Twin Cities
through Des Moines to Kansas City would benefit the traveling
public and the state of Iowa. Both routes would enhance the
transportation options available to Iowans; both routes 
would be economical and environmentally beneficial." 
     Each route has been proposed for passenger service in the
past; however, funding difficulties have prevented adding the
     The Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers is a non-profit
organization that advocates improved rail service, not only for
the movement of passengers, but also for freight service. It is
affiliated with the National Association of Railroad Passengers.
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Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers, 3349 Southgate Court,
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