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Rail Passenger Expert to Speak to
State Passenger Meeting in Des Moines

         (Des Moines, Iowa) -The Executive Director of the Midwest High 
Speed Rail Coalition in Chicago, Illinois, Richard Harnish, will tell 
Iowans about how Iowa fits into the regional rail passenger network at the 
next meeting of the Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers (IARP). IARP is 
scheduled to meet at the Des Moines Botanical Center, 909 East River Drive, 
Des Moines, Iowa, at 1:00 p.m., on Saturday, January 19, 2002.
         Harnish heads a regional organization which is promoting enhanced 
passenger train service for the Midwest. The hub would be in Chicago. The 
network may include service from Council Bluffs/Omaha, through Des Moines, 
Grinnell, Iowa City and Davenport.
         Harnish will also discuss the major positive economic impact on 
Iowa and the rest of the Midwest of an enhanced rail passenger network.
         Also addressing the meeting will be State Representative John 
Connors of Des Moines. Connors will tell about his expectations for 
passenger rail legislation in the Iowa Legislature this session. Last year, 
Connors co-sponsored legislation in the Iowa House promoting enhanced rail 
passenger service.
         IARP President Henry C. Wulff of Urbandale says, "Rick Harnish is 
criss-crossing the Midwest sharing his organization's vision of modern, fast 
passenger trains providing regular, timely, comfortable and safe service to 
those of us who live here. I know folks will be fascinated by his message."
         Wulff continues, "The IARP meeting will be held following the 
first week of the new session of the Iowa Legislature. We're optimistic 
that legislators will have the long-term vision to support and promote an 
enhanced rail passenger system serving Iowans and those who travel to Iowa."
         The meeting is open to the public. There is a $2 meeting fee for 
         There will be an informal lunch at 11:30 a.m. prior to the 
meeting, but reservations are required for lunch which is $8. The informal 
lunch will also allow attendees to discuss transportation issues prior to 
the meeting. Reservations should be made by calling 515-276-8888 or by 
sending an e-mail to:
         The Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers is a statewide, 
non-profit citizens' organization which supports rail passenger 
service--both commercial and tourist service. IARP supports a solid rail 
infrastructure, quality freight service by rail and inter-modal. The group 
was formed in 1981 to strengthen the voice of the rail user in Iowa. The 
group meets at various locations throughout the state. It's most recent 
meetings were in Osceola, Cedar Rapids, Burlington and Amana.
         IARP is affiliated with the National Association of Railroad 
Passengers in Washington, D.C. Membership information is available by 
writing to the Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers, 3349 Southgate 
Court, SW, Suite #108, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404-5424 or by calling (319) 
362-6824, or at the group's website at