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(Urbandale, Iowa)--The Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers is 
sponsoring a series of meetings across Iowa during the week of April 29th 
through May 2nd.  Association President Henry C. Wulff says the meetings 
will be held in every Iowa community that has an Amtrak stop (April 29th, 
Creston; April 30th, Osceola: May 1st, Ottumwa;
May 2nd, Mount Pleasant and Burlington; May 3rd, Fort Madison.)

Wulff says the meetings are to encourage public support to continue Amtrak's
long- distance trains, especially the two trains that pass through Iowa, 
the California Zephyr and the Southwest Chief.

"Members of Congress and President Bush must take action if passenger rail 
service is to continue in Iowa.  These meetings will encourage Iowans to 
contact their elected officials about the importance of continuing this 
valuable Amtrak service," said Wulff.

At each meeting, speakers will talk about the importance of Amtrak to their 
community and to Iowa.  Local speakers include mayors and county 
supervisors.  The Governor and Members of Congress have been invited to 
participate, either personally, by representative, or by videotape.  Wulff 
will present ways that citizens can contact their elected officials to urge 
their support for Amtrak's service.

A special feature at the Ottumwa meeting on May 1st will be the celebration 
of Amtrak's 31st birthday.  The Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers 
will provide appropriate refreshments.  Featured speaker at this meeting 
will be Rhea Huddleston, Wapello County Supervisor, who personally 
contacted her counterparts throughout the country requesting that their 
respective Boards pass a resolution supporting long-distance trains.

John Hey, Policy Analyst of the Iowa Department of Transportation, will 
share his thoughts at the Creston and Ottumwa meetings.

The Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers will tell attendees how to 
contact their elected officials, as well as provide sample letters and 
resolutions. The Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers is a statewide, 
nonprofit citizens' organization which supports rail passenger service both 
commercial and tourist service. IARP supports a solid rail infrastructure, 
quality freight service by rail and intermodal. The group was formed in 
1981 to strengthen the voice of the rail user in Iowa.

The Iowa Association of Railroad Passengers is affiliated with the National 
Association of Railroad Passengers in Washington, D.C. Membership 
information is available by writing to the Iowa Association of Railroad 
Passengers, 3349 Southgate Court, SW, Suite #108, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
52404-5424 or by calling (319) 362-6824, or at the group's website at

As of 04/16/02

Monday, April 29, 2002
                 10:00 A.M.              Memorial Room, Historic Creston Depot
                                                 Pine & Adams Streets, 
Creston, Iowa
Tuesday, April 30, 2002
                 10:00 A.M.              Amtrak Station, Main & E. Clay Streets
                                                 Osceola, Iowa
Wednesday, May 1, 2002  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMTRAK!
                 10:00 A.M.              Amtrak Station, 210 West Main Street
                                                 Ottumwa, Iowa
Thursday, May 2, 2002
                 10:00 A.M.              Amtrak Station, 418 N. Adams Street
                                                 Mount Pleasant, Iowa
                 2:00  P.M.              Amtrak Station, 300 South Main Street
                                                 Burlington, Iowa
Friday, May 3, 2002
                 10:00 A.M.              Amtrak Station, 1601 20th Street
                                                 Fort Madison, Iowa